Colts Unlimited specializes in the training and development of show jumpers, from starting prospects under saddle all the way through their entire show career. From a lifetime of commitment to the horse industry, our resumes cover a wide spectrum of knowledge. 

Young Horse Program

There are many good hands out there who follow the lead of clinicians or knowledgeable professionals and are capable of putting a good start on a young horse. However, the number of people who start hundreds of youngsters from the very beginning, and also ride at the Grand Prix level, are few. Knowing what you are looking for in that top Grand Prix horse, as well as what is required all the way down to the rusty stirrup ring, can only come from deep experience. 

I have spent my entire life feeling different horses underneath me, understanding their minds, and knowing how much to ask in order to get the best out of one while instilling in him a relaxed confidence. It is the art of developing a true partnership. 

The initial work with a young horse under saddle is the most memorable and important period in the educational process. At no other time do horses have to retain so much information and advance so rapidly. It is imperative that the education horses receive at this time is positive and correct. I maintain a constant belief that good horses come from quality miles, a relaxed frame of mind, and knowing their job. With this background, you can build an athlete that can step up to the next level and handle it with confidence. Colts Unlimited strives to make the right thing easy for the horse, and how to build a partnership between horse and rider.

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Show Horse Program

Colts Unlimited is a show oriented training facility. We compete at national A-rated horse shows all over the US and Canada. Our training regimen is adapted for each horse to reach the highest possible level of its potential.  A commitment to produce  excellence through daily structured training carries over to success in the show ring. We take huge personal pride in providing our horses and clients with the tools necessary to achieve their goals. 

As riders we have been in the show ring our entire lives. Wins range from childhood All Arounds in rodeo to National Grand Prix, Hunter Derbies, to 9 World Championships in the AQHA/APHA. 

We offer the ability to develop your show jumper to its full potential. We have the ability to show your horse for you in young horse championships and all the way to the National Grand Prix level. 

Through a lifetime of developing relationships with reputable agents, trainers and veterinarians we can also help you find a made show horse, or an upcoming prospect that fits your goals.

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“Charlie Carrel has the right stuff, and has been proving this for many years now, both in the show ring and out. While he has specialized in jumpers for many years, his techniques of starting young horses carry over into all disciplines.”
Sandy Arledge
Past President of the American Quarter Horse Assoc.
“A proper foundation on a young horse is invaluable and sadly it is often overlooked. I can rest assured that when a horse has been started by Charlie, it has a well rounded and solid foundation."
Mandy Porter
FEI World Cup, National Grand Prix Rider
“Thanks for giving our horses a great start.”
Will Simpson
Olympic Gold Medalist